Children's Food Competition

Event Location: Ellesborough Parish Hall


Children's Coronation Food Competition Poster

Children’s competition to INVENT A NEW Coronation RECIPE

· Coronation chicken is a dish of chicken in a curry cream sauce with rice salad, peas and herbs which was invented to be served to guests from other nations after Queen Elizabeth 11’s coronation.

· Children it is now your chance to invent a new coronation recipe fit for King Charles 111’s coronation.

· Write out your recipe and draw a picture of it. Invent a regal name for its title.

· Bring your piece of paper with your new Coronation recipe details along with you to Ellesborough Village Hall on Sunday 7th May 2023 at 1pm. Make sure you put your name, age and contact details on the back and it will be displayed inside the Village Hall.

· Judging by a panel of local parishioners will take place during the afternoon.

· Prizes will be given to the 3 winning children’s entries.

For any furtherinformation please contact

Helen Holman on

01296 622972